In 1994 Kalos Golf introduced the golf cruise, a new concept in travel. Chartering the Sea Cloud family of ships, Kalos began transporting golfers comfortably and stylishly to the top courses in Europe. Our first clients appreciated the exceptional service and luxurious accommodations offered by Kalos, and the golf cruise idea took off.

Since our founding, we have expanded our selection of uniquely designed itineraries to the finest golf and touring destinations around the world. In the process, we have helped create special golfing memories for the more than 8,000 guests who have traveled with us.

Kalos Golf cruises combine the best of global golf and touring with the relaxation of sailing on small, luxurious vessels. Unlike companies that fill their ships with hundreds of passengers, Kalos Golf charters five-star vessels that accommodate a small number of guests. In essence, these ships become our private club providing the perfect atmosphere for an intimate travel experience.

In addition to providing great golf in historic locations, Kalos Golf arranges daily tours for those not playing golf. Expert guides lead these tours to explore the treasures of the areas we visit. For those celebrating special birthdays or anniversaries or simply looking for an outstanding trip with a group of friends, please join us at Kalos Golf for a memorable golf adventure.